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Verdad Nicaragua

Best Stay of Our Life

"We came to Nicaragua as travelers that have spent time all over the world. At 5 star resorts and very low key eco resorts. We have never before found a place that was such a perfect mixture of everything. Some of the most beautiful scenery..."

Breathtaking Views

"Where do I even begin... my partner and I came here for five fun-filled, unforgettable days. We didn't want to leave! Not only was our Casita beautiful, immaculate, and complete with breath taking views, but the entire staff consistently went above and beyond to ensure.."

A truly special place run by special people.

"I cannot begin to express how enjoyable my experience was. I give the absolute highest praise and thanks to everyone at Verdad...We had nothing to think about during our 10-day stay. The crew was really top level and I really mean it...Verdad was one of the best experiences I've ever had..."

Vacation in paradise

"Best vacation of my life! Upon arrival, we checked out the beautiful cabins that were perfectly designed; minimal and eco-minded. The view from the cabin deck is spectacular, and you're able to just wake up, look out, and see the beautiful mountains and ocean down below..."

Verdad is like Heaven

"Delightful and outstanding experience. La Verdad exceeded our expectations... relax in a peaceful, unspoiled, tropical paradise with the comforts of an upscale hotel that will make you think you are in heaven...We truly had the time of our lives. I cannot address enough about the sweetness of everyone and everything...I am so grateful this place exists. Visit them!"

Beyond expectation 

"Verdad at Costa Dulce was EVERYTHING I EXPECTED AND WAY MORE. If you want to travel to an untouched paradise come to Verdad. We stayed in Casita 2 and it was so beautiful and perfect. The staff was outstanding and the meals by the chefs delicious..."

Reviews from travelers put Verdad Nicaragua in the

top 1% of hotels worldwide!


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Better Than an iPhone --The Ultimate Adventure Vacation for Kids

June 9, 2022

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 5.30.06 PM.png

Every parent knows that getting your kids to untether from their phones long enough to have a conversation, let alone an experience, is nearly impossible these days. This summer Verdad Nicaragua, on the shores of the Southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua, offers parents the ultimate summer adventure that will convince even teenagers that IRL beats virtual scrolling any day of the week.

This laid-back boutique hotel overlooking Playa Escameca Grande coastline offers up just enough remoteness and just enough luxury to entice the entire family. You can hang out on the beach or poolside, while your kids explore whatever they are into, or the whole family can head out to see the real Nicaragua. Verdad Nicaragua’s custom adventure packages can be designed around getting your kids to connect with reality.

  • Surf vs. Snapchat: With the resort’s surf school and professional coaches, your kid will soon be riding the waves rather than stroking the keys.

  • PADI vs. Pinterest: You’ll need no more inspiration than the crystal blue waters and the world that lives below to get your kid interested in becoming PADI-certified at Verdad Nicaragua.

  • Fishing vs. Facebook: Hook your kid on the excitement of reeling in the big one with a fishing adventure in the waters between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and Cocina Verdad will prepare your catch for dinner.

  • Trotting vs. Twitter: Saddle up and explore the undeveloped, untouched, mountainous countryside on horseback with experienced local guides.

  • Treetop Thrills vs. Tik Tok: Soar through the forest canopy and get a birds-eye view of wildlife and nature with a not to be missed zip line tour.

  • Waterfalls vs. Wi-Fi: Hike in the tropical rainforest and plunge into the natural swimming pools as part of an adventure near the Costa Rican border.

Families can choose from one of four ocean view single story casitas, or one duplex casita that feature private decks and outdoor showers, or a fifth ocean and valley view casita that sleeps three, plus two poolside rooms. With five casitas and two rooms with full-size beds, Verdad Nicaragua is also perfect for a buy out for families looking for a multi-generational getaway. Resort amenities include open-air yoga/fitness studio (fully stocked with functional fitness and yoga gear) a relaxing pool with lounge chairs and an honor bar, a massage studio, and a laid-back lounge perfect for enjoying a sunset cocktail or a board game after a day of fun exploring the surrounding area.


Verdad Nicaragua is an eco-friendly boutique resort nestled on the shores of Playa Escameca in Southern Nicaragua. The laid-back luxurious property features modern casitas with private decks and poolside rooms that overlook the gardens and sea. The secluded hillside resort invites guests to explore the stunning landscape, or simply relax on the untouched Southern Pacific coast. The resort offers custom designed adventure packages, a surf school and PADI certification programs.


By Bonnie W. Hayman May 22, 2021

Four Places to Live in

Nicaragua; 1 to Avoid

Nicaragua happens to be one of the most underrated and

misunderstood countries on the planet.


Its physical beauty rivals that of any other. For a country that is no bigger than New York State, it is blessed with 910 km (566 miles) of stunning coastline. You can enjoy the calm, clear turquoise water where snorkeling is a favorite pastime on the Caribbean side. Or brave the colder blue waters of the Pacific and surf to your heart’s content, with over 300 days of offshore winds and year-round consistent waves. Dramatic volcanoes dot the country, many are still active. If you visit the Masaya volcano, you can even witness the red-hot lava roiling right below you. Lake Colcibolca, the 19th largest lake in the world, provides endless water activities and houses the island of Ometepe, a magical place of nature. Visit the island to see monkeys and other animals, waterfalls, rivers, and two volcanoes (one active) rising to form the island.

Most expats who choose Nicaragua as their home mention that the people here are the best on earth and one of their main reasons for staying. The Nicaraguans are indeed giving and caring. Families are close-knit and many are churchgoers. However, to integrate yourself into the Nicaraguan community and have great friendships with the local people, you will have to learn Spanish. English is not taught in most public schools and you will even find that most business owners, doctors, lawyers, police, and government officials only speak Spanish. In this aspect, Nicaragua is different from its Latin brothers and sisters.

Opening your own business is much easier in Nicaragua than most countries because of the laws the government has enacted for expats to get your company up and running quickly. Choose a business that serves the tourism sector and take advantage of fabulous tax incentives and other benefits. click here for full article


In terms of cost and value—especially when you consider other nearby Central American spots like Costa Rica, Guatemala and trendy Panama—there is no better place right now than Nicaragua for adventurous spirits seeking a tropical climate. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take care and be mindful of your surroundings in Nicaragua (or anywhere you travel), as a volatile political situation and civil unrest over the past couple years have had their effects, but Nicaragua’s tourism is bouncing back in a big way with hotels reopening and the resumption of new hotel development and other tourism infrastructure. Our crystal ball is telling us the under-the-radar Central American spot is going to be an up-and-coming destination in 2020 and beyond. Here’s how Nicaragua will delight you.   click here for full article

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 7.35.21 PM.png

Namaste, Dudes

Cherry-picking Central America’s off-season surf and yoga delights

By Judy D’Mello    /    July 3, 2019

Yoga Pose.jpg

Playa Escameca, Nicaragua: Verdad

Marc Schultz and Dayna Winter of Amagansett opened Verdad, a fitness and yoga haven on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in 2016, after being lured by the country’s generous people and the spot’s magical views. Today, TripAdvisor ranks it as the number-one hotel in the region and one can see why. Perched on a hillside overlooking the beautiful sandy beach of Playa Escameca, Verdad was constructed with the help of local artisans and encompasses five freestanding casitas with decks overlooking the ocean, as well as two pool rooms. It is 100 percent locally staffed and the couple are well invested in the community after helping to start a nearby school.

Verdad hosts retreats of all kinds: fitness, yoga, energy healing, and recently, a women’s empowerment group.

“We’re happy for any group of like-minded people to take over the entire place,” said Mr. Schultz. “And we’re also happy to close the place down even for a group of six or seven.”

Surf enthusiasts should note that Nicaragua boasts good waves all year, but for consistent waist-to-head-high swells, March through September is best. Verdad can arrange lessons or retreats through the nearby La Escuelita surf school, owned by the best long-boarder in Central America.    click here for full article

Dayna Winter and Marc Schultz and their daughter, Maya, of Amagansett
have been charmed by Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline

Nicaragua, with its miles of pristine beaches, rain forests brimming with spectacular wildlife, rolling hills interrupted by the occasional river, and a complete set of volcanoes — extinct, dormant, and smoking — is the kind of country that will inspire you to build a hacienda, open a yoga and fitness retreat, and throw away your cellphone.

Marc Schultz and Dayna Winter, year-round Amagansett residents, did just that, almost — they kept their cellphones. In 2007, together with their young daughter, the family first visited Nicaragua, spending a week in San Juan del Sur, a fishing village along the southern stretch of Pacific coastline, about an hour’s drive from the Costa Rican border. They left as owners of about an acre in a new development known as Costa Dulce about 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur. Here, they built their dream hacienda overlooking a breathtaking vista above secluded Playa Escameca, where part of a “Survivor” television series was filmed. By 2010, tourism had surpassed coffee as the country’s main source of income.

Last August, the couple opened Verdad, a fitness and yoga retreat, on an adjacent lot. It has five freestanding cabins with decks overlooking the ocean, a pool, two pool rooms linked by landscaped paths, an open-air yoga studio, and an outdoor dining area.

Until quite recently, the oft-heard travel tip for first-time visitors to Nicaragua was, “go with an open mind and a Spanish dictionary.” Off the main roads, children guide farm animals along dusty paths, ox wagons roll by, and vaqueros (Nicaraguan cowboys) ride tall in the saddle.

Eclipsed by its fun-loving neighbor Costa Rica, often called Gringolandia, as the honeypot for luxury and eco-tourism, Nica­ragua’s place in the hierarchy of Central American travel destinations was virtually nonexistent, unable to shake its mala fama of Sandinistas, Contras, trade embargoes, Cold War, and other phrases that did not exactly scream “holiday paradise.”

But its turbulent past also gave Nicaragua an edge that appealed to the curious traveler. Tourists began to push past that outdated image — the war ended in 1990 — and arrived in the early 2000s to find a beautiful and well-preserved country with a proud culture formed during the country’s harsh revoluionary years, and one that was the safest in the region, according to a United Nations survey.    click here for full article

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