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Finding Ultimate Wellness in Your Travels

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Self-care, but on another level.

From Moon Juice powders to Goop’s new Netflix docu-series -- the theme of self-care and wellness has become a top priority for all humans, of all ages. Nothing screams self-care like a little R&R in a hammock…

Some vacations can ultimately make you feel sluggish — especially if all you do is drink, eat, hit the beach, and repeat. That’s why fitness retreats and wellness-oriented vacations are on the rise.

Until recently, the concept of healthy-travel options was only relevant for yoga-junkies, vegans, and those who centered their life around living well. But as we move into a new decade, where wellness and self-care is a top priority for the everyday person, wellness travel has become more of a lifestyle choice - rather than a one-off crash diet.

Taryn Toomey—creator of The Class and its sister wellness-retreat program, The Retreatment, which launched in 2014—agrees. “People are so overworked these days and are seeking ways to feel more balanced in their approach to time well-spent,” she says. “They are drawn to the concept of being able to combine their own personal wellness with a vacation. You come home feeling refreshed and with a new sense of awareness.”

Most notably recognized for its renowned yoga retreats, Nicaragua is back on the map (recently voted *THE* warm weather travel destination for 2020) and booming with eco-friendly and wellness-conscious adventures.

We understand that wellness is a combination of fitness and rejuvenation. That’s why at Verdad we believe in curating your stay to embody a natural and holistic experience.

From certified yoga and fitness classes in our open-air studio, to one-on-one surf lessons, afternoon hikes amidst the bountiful nature of the Nicaraguan hills and deep tissue massages with our talented masseuse -- we offer you the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

Don’t make your vacation be the last time you incorporate wellness practices into your day-to-day. Kick-start the new decade with a wellness refresh. Travel beyond expectation at Verdad.

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