Verdad Nicaragua

Located just twenty minutes from the town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua’s most well-known surf community, Verdad Nicaragua offers the ultimate surf experience.  


Nestled hillside above the secluded and serene beach of Playa Escameca, surfers of all levels enjoy boundless waves all year round. Thanks to a consistent off-shore wind, we can almost guarantee the perfect surf break each and every day! 


Plus, you’ll never find a crowded line-up at Verdad Nicaragua - one of the perks of being truly being off the beaten path.


Board rentals and professional surf coaches are available right here, every day. And, you won’t want to miss a post-surf session hang at Rancho Tortuga beach bar and restaurant. You won’t find better, fresher ceviche anywhere else. Trust us, we’ve tried. 


Our connection to the community and passion for creating the perfect, private get-away, makes for a truly authentic surf escape for first timers on a board and dedicated swell searchers alike. 




Whether you're an advanced surfer or simply looking for a change of scenery during your stay here in Nicaragua, our professional surf coaches will always know which local beach has the best break of the day. They all grew up surfing here and have an innate sense of where you’ll have the most fun riding the waves! 


One cove over from us, you’ll find Playa Yankee, known for its strong left wedge, sandy bottom and most loved for its barrels. Yankee is easily accessible by a trail walk,  short paddle, or we can take you there in our 4x4.


Just a short drive away are Playa Remanso and Playa Hermosa, both uncrowded breaks with a few lively beach bar restaurants where you can enjoy tacos and Tonas (our favorite Nicaraguan beer) and an excellent smooth wave.


Once you arrive at Verdad Nicaragua, you are instantly part of our family. Our surf packages are designed to make you feel at home, connect with yourself, and with our amazing community. We’re stoked to see you soon! 

Daily surf lessons at any beach and board rentals available at Verdad.

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First timer or looking for more of an advanced guided surf experience?


Learn more about our current surf package offerings below: 

Travel beyond expectation and experience what makes Verdad Nicaragua unique

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