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Setting Sail with SALT Nica

Armed with coolers full of icey Toñas and fresh ceviche, we set sail for a day-long adventure with a team of New York retreaters on SALT Nica's luxurious 47’ Leopard Catamaran.

With reggaeton tunes blaring in the background, guests hovered over the hull of the boat, pointing out dolphins and sea turtles as we cut through the Nica waves making our way to Playa Blanca.

Once anchored, each guest alternated between cannon-balls off the boat and enjoying the tasty bites (and bottomless bar!) on board, provided by the fabulous staff of SALT Nica.

As we made our way back to San Juan Del Sur, with the sun setting in the background, guests chatted amongst each other - thankful for another day in Nicaragua.

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